College Based Peer Mentoring

Meet our 2023-2024 RAMP Mentors!

College Based Mentors serve second year (and beyond) students with a specific focus on transfer students. Mentors help connect students with their academic department to support the development of an academic identity and sense of belonging within a particular college (College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences, College of Professional Studies, College of Natural Resources and Sciences). Mentors support students through direct outreach, regular 1:1 meetings, partnering with campus departments to host large scale events (National Transfer Student Week), actively participating in Fall and Spring Preview and in Orientation. Mentors foster diverse and inclusive academic communities and serve as bridges from student peers to university resources and departments such as faculty members, staff, tutors, career advisers. 

While mentor activities will vary between colleges, the RAMP program is guided by a curriculum which is based on the needs of second year and transfer students. Delivering the curriculum will result in pre-registration conversations such as consulting on how to use academic plans and helping frame questions students want to ask faculty, holding walk-in office hours and collaborating with other peer mentors to develop events and outreach to reach a broad range of students. College Based Mentors participate in year-long engagement and training with various campus partners to support their collaborative work with their college. In addition, Mentors are expected to contribute to the development of the community of College Based Mentors by developing paraprofessional relationships with their colleagues. We also imagine College Based and First Year mentors working closely to bridge first year students into their second year and the continuing support offered through College Based Mentoring.