Major-Based Peer Mentoring

Meet our 2021-2022 MBPM-RAMP Mentors!





Major Based Peer Mentoring-RAMP (MBPM-RAMP):

MBPM-RAMP Mentors serve second year, third year, and new transfer students. MBPM-RAMP Mentors help connect students with their academic department and support the development of an academic identity and sense of belonging within a particular major. They achieve this by working closely with the chair or other representative of their department in collaboration with staff from MBPM-RAMP.  MBPM-RAMP Mentors are also expected to contribute to the community of mentors established through working together and with the MBPM-RAMP staff.

MBPM-RAMP Mentors foster diverse and inclusive academic communities. Mentors will engage in outreach to peers in their major and serve as bridges from student peers to university resources and the department such as faculty members, staff, tutors, career advisers. While mentor activities will vary to some degree between major programs, the MBPM-RAMP is guided by a curriculum which is based on the needs of primarily sophomore, junior and new transfer students. Examples of items included in this curriculum are conducting effective outreach and support of new transfer students, planning and/or accompanying students to department events, helping students develop strategies for connecting with faculty, etc. In addition, delivering the curriculum will result in pre-registration conversations such as consulting on academic plans and helping frame questions students want to ask faculty, holding walk-in office hours and collaborating with the department chair or representative to support the unique curricular needs of a given major (for example, planning and applying for capstone internships, study abroad, and senior thesis proposals). In addition to the support offered by the chair or department representative, mentors are actively supported and guided by the MBPM-RAMP professional staff (RAMP Director and MBPM-RAMP Coordinator), as well as a Senior Lead Mentor who has previous mentoring experience. 

MBPM-RAMP Mentors are paid $16.00/hr (as of Jan 1, 2022) and work up to 7 hours per week. Upon successful completion of Spring 2022 Mentor Education (which is paid time - up to 18 hours!), mentors are assigned to their department. Mentors are actively supported and guided by the RAMP professional staff (RAMP Director and MBPM-RAMP Coordinator), as well as the MBPM-RAMP Lead Mentor who worked as a mentor the previous year.

Minimum Qualifications: Currently enrolled full-time Humboldt undergraduate and in good academic standing. By May 31, 2022, applicants must have earned at least 12 units at Humboldt in the major for which you are applying to mentor. Good academic standing at the time of application and during employment.

Preferred Qualifications: MBPM-RAMP seeks to employ students with strong, inclusive leadership skills, who are dependable, able to work independently, available to mentor for the entire academic year, and are working towards maintaining a minimum semester & cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.  Students who can apply their own lived experiences and working knowledge in helping students demonstrate an understanding of university policies and the resources that Humboldt has to offer, who are interested in working closely with faculty in their department, and who possess strong communication as well as time management skills, are strongly encouraged to apply. First-year transfer students or continuing undergraduate students going into their third year or beyond are preferred for these positions. Please note: Students who will be starting their second year at Humboldt in 2022 are encouraged to apply for FY-RAMP rather than MBPM-RAMP.

The application for the 2022-2023 academic year is now closed.